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Player: Sam
Age: 30
Current Characters: Nagito Komaeda


Character: Allen Walker
Age: Allen doesn't know his actual age but assumes he's 16
Canon: D.Gray-man
Canon Point: End of chapter 218 - just as the flashback to the past ends.

For the sake of following what is known about Allen, I'll give a brief summary of the events prior to the series start. As detailed in the Third Reverse Novel, Allen started out with no name. Nicknamed 'Red' because of his misshapen arm, he was bullied constantly and put up a front of not needing friends. Mana Walker changed that. Red grew to care about Mana as they interacted. Mistrusted by the rest of the circus, Mana and Red became closer. A red haired man appeared one day, blaming Red. "It's your fault he's this way."

Red gets stuffed in a lion cage by the angry circus staff just before machines called Akuma attack. He's rescued by the man and taken away by Mana who calls him Allen. Accepting the name, Allen goes away with him and becomes a fosterling.

Five years before the series starts, Mana is dead and Allen turns to an outside force offering to revive him. Mana is transformed into Akuma and ordered to kill him. Mana curses him, cutting through his left eye. Allen doesn't fight back but a mysterious power within his arm, does. As his hand seeks his foster father's destruction the curse Mana laid on Allen activates...letting him see the man's soul as he's destroyed.

"I love you, Allen. Please destroy me." Thus, setting in motion the gears of fate.
As a child, Allen was a rude boy who trusted no one. He'd been abandoned because of his deformed hand. He didn't even have a name. Everyone at the circus just called him 'Red'. He didn't get close to anyone. Allen was bullied when he did well and even beaten regularly by a jealous performer. When people tried to show him kindness, he scorned it because everyone like that always left.

Mana Walker changed everything.

Mana was a crazy clown with a dog named Allen. They met when Cosimo - the jealous performer - killed the dog. Unlike everyone else, he stayed and he tolerated Allen's behavior. They became friends. Unfortunately, Mana's past caught up with him. It started early with a red-haired man telling Allen it was his fault Mana was strange. Then the circus was attacked by someone called the 'Earl'.

Mana wasn't the same after that. He called Red, 'Allen'. They left the circus and a few years later, Mana was murdered. Allen had become so attached to him that he tried to bring him back to life. Unfortunately, Mana came back a controlled murder machine, an Akuma, and Allen was forced to destroy him. The trauma of doing so put Allen into a catatonic state.

When he came out of it, he acted entirely different.

From that day forward, Allen has been polite and openly kind. He always smiles and considers everyone a person, even the souls trapped in the Akuma. Instead of being withdrawn, he's social and tries to save anyone that needs help. There's nothing he wouldn't do to protect others, even going so far as to run away to protect his friends from the Noah within him.

His desire to stand strong on his own remains. Allen internalizes all of his problems and frustrations. His friends had no idea, and still don't, how heavy a toll being suspected as a traitor put on Allen. His smile serves as a mask between him and the world. Why should he worry other people? They will want to help him and he can't allow that. Especially now, when he's a danger to everyone with the Noah within awakening and causing harm through him.

Allen's greatest flaw is his borderline naivety. In a war for his own self-identity, he's at a great disadvantage. He doesn't try to figure himself out, preferring to 'keep walking and never stop'. It's much easier for him to take vicious blows to his emotions and body for the sake of others. He thinks he can save everyone, even his enemies. His weapon evolved to cut the evil out of his opponents and save the hosts because he wished for it to. Nor he did he realize he'd been talking more openly with his friends and referring to them less formally, something which Johnny and Lenalee point out to him.

Yet fragments of his childhood self do remain. When he's irritated, Allen is abrupt and rude. He's especially sarcastic and insulting to Kanda Yuu. If he doesn't get along with someone he isn't afraid to display his displeasure. This 'darker side' to Allen manifests as a shrewd businessman and card shark, which is partly the fault of his master, Cross Marian, having left all his debts to Allen to pay. He shows very little sympathy to anyone when he's out to win money in a card game.

Recently he has made great strides to know what is really going on. He has to find out why he was chosen to host the Noah and just what his master was murdered for. Being on the run hadn't bothered him until friends caught up with him and made him aware of his own loneliness. He has doubts he'll survive his struggles, but he doesn't let that stop him. As long as he keeps walking, his belief in everyone and that things could turn out alright could prevail.

Abilities: Allen is an Exorcist, a person compatible with crystals said to be the condensed power of God. These crystals are called Innocence. He belongs to a rare faction of Exorcists which contain the power of the Innocence within their bodies. Allen's replaces his arm, and when activated, alters his physical make-up to form body armor in the form of a white cloak, clownish mask, and a sharp, clawed hand. Exorcists with this sort of Innocence are called Parasitic types.

This weapon alters his body two ways: in one, he has a clawed arm. In the other, his arm can actually be removed from his body and become a sword.

In claw form - Of the two forms, Allen is most balanced between speed and power in this one. His range in both is still incredibly flexible, due to the cloak he has in both forms.

Clown belt - Snares targets can be used for escape, have been used in the past to shield from damage, and can deal moderate damage. The belt has quite a bit of range in any given direction and doesn't require much energy to use.

Cross grave - An energy attack used defensively as a last minute shield, or offensively when thrown/smashed into a target. Moderately ranged as an attack, close range when used in defense. It is one of his stronger attacks, with Edge End seemingly stronger.

Edge End - Energy charged slash that must be delivered at close range. High damage, but slow to execute since he has to get into range to use it.

Crown Edge - A reckless attack that hits the area and could be lethal to by-standers. It has a high damage rate and is long range.

Arm in sword form - By switching to this form, Allen does a lot more damage and while his speed roughly the same, he has to get close to his targets to use his stronger attacks. He still has the defensive and offensive cloak at his disposal, but fewer attacks.

Death Ball - This attack is balls of energy hammering the target. The potential for high damage exists if they’re not dodged. Moderate to long range.

Exorcism - Causes strong damage to anything possessing a human. Never harms the human vessel. It's unknown why it canonly backfired on his strongest enemies.

Other abilities

Pentacle eye - Tracking device that’s also a curse. He can spot anything undead or demonic within a 300 yard radius. When destroyed, the eye has the ability to slowly regenerate over the course of a week. It comes at no cost to him to use, but if there’s too much demonic energy, the eye will activate on its own and cause him pain.

The 14 Noah/Nea - Allen gets very little benefits from having the Noah - one of the enemies of the Vatican and God - within him. While the ability to move through space and time is useful, it requires the magical device called "the Ark of Noah" to be in range to be of any use. He can’t go anywhere he’s never been before and he has to be conscious to use the Ark.

The problems with having the Noah in his head is that Nea is a whole other being that keeps trying to devour him, and if he loses consciousness while Nea is trying to take control, it could be the end of him. Due to Nea D Campbell now having enough pages and history to be appable himself. It's best to just remove him from Allen's body.

Alignment: Elios

Love is the foundation of many things Allen has done or committed to. It was out of love that he became an Exorcist and sought to save the souls trapped in Akuma. His weapon grew stronger because he cares enough to try saving the enemy Noah. Whether he's risking his life in a desperate attempt to protect a comrade or running away from the place he calls home. Allen cares so much that he won't forsake even a single soul.

On the reverse, there are rare moments he's strongly hated someone. When he thought all his friends were dead Allen attacked his enemy out of a vengeful hatred. He was blinded by it to the point he relentlessly pursued the Earl until he was forced to stop.



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